Optics for Energy Fall 2012

Fall 2012: Optics for Energy (ECE 5962/6961, MSE 5050/6050)

Week 1: Tuesday: Lecture Notes (PDF)
Week 1: Thursday: Introduction to Project Topics (Solar Pasteurization, solar refrigeration). (PDF)
Week2: Tuesday: Introduction to the Energy Commercialization Center (Guest lecture: Robert Bell) (PDF) Lecture: Basic concepts of sunlight (PDF)

Resources from ECC:

Week2 Thursday: Thermodynamics of Solar Thermal Devices. (PDF). Introduction to Geometrical Optics (PDF)

Week 3 Tuesday: Introduction to Geometrical Optics (cont.)
Week 3 Thursday: Introduction to Geometrical Optics (cont.) Optics for Recycling. (PDF)

Week 4 Tuesday: Lagrangian Optics (PDF)

Week 4 Thursday: Hamiltonian Optics (PDF)

Week5 Tuesday: Light Tools guest lecture (Dr. Mohit Diwekar)

Building and Simulating a Task Lighting Model

Illumination in LightTools


Week5 Thursday: Technology Commercialization guest lecture (Frank Norris) (Link to slides). (Useful resources)

Week6 Tuesday: No class

Week6 Thursday: Reflection & Refraction; another look. (PDF)

Week7 Tuesday: Symmetry (Week7_Tues) (Reference paper)

Week 7 Thursday: Etendue. (Week7_Thursday) (Wikipedia article)

Week 8: Fall Break

Week 9: Tuesday: Review of Solar Cells (Guest lecture)

Week 9: Thursday: No class.

Week 10: Tuesday: Radiometry and Photometry Week10_Tues

Week 10: Thursday: Community Solar (guest lecture by Billy Smallen) B. Smallen_Presentation to U of U Optics Class_2012

Other Resources: Sample Filled Out Solar PermitSolar ABCs Permit With Wind, Snow

Week 11: Tuesday. Basics of Non-imaging Optics. Week11_Tues

Week 11 Thursday: Mid-semester Project Presentations

Week 12 Tuesday: Anti-reflection coatings Week12_Tues

Week 12 Thursday: Statistical Ray Optics Week13_ThursYablonovitch82

Week 13 Tuesday: Light trapping in solar cell (guest lecture, Dr. James Nagel)

Week 13 Thursday: Light extraction from LEDs (guest lecture, Dr. James Nagel)

Week 14 Tuesday: Spectrum-splitting for photovoltaics Week14_Tues_webImenes – (2004)(Reports due)

Week 14 Thursday: Thanksgiving break

Week 15 Tuesday:  No class

Week 15 Thursday: Luminescent concentrators, etc. Week15_Thurs. Analysis of ARCs. ARC_analysis

Week 16 Tuesday: Quiz

Week 16 Thursday: Solar Simulators  & Measurements. Mini-report 5 due. Week16_Thursday

Week 17 Friday, Dec. 14: National Clean Energy Business Plan Competition Applications due. See details at http://nvc.cucleantech.org/

Team presentations

Portable CPV. Wang, Farhana & Wan 

Fresnel Box Technologies. Majumder, Chowdhury, Soto. 

Hybrid Systems. Bunes, Hu, Berhold, Dick. 

Solar Refrigeration. Wei, Hafen, Snowball. 

Inverted Solar Inc. Schapper, Jacobs, Wu. 

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