Media coverage of silicon photonics paper

Our recent paper in Nature Photonics, which demonstrated the smallest polarization beamsplitter made to date was highlighted by several media organizations. These are: Computing at the speed of lightPhys.orgeScience!, Energy and Technology Magazine, R&DComputing at the Speed of Light (Science Codex),  Mirror, Science Daily, Mumbai Mirror, DPA Magazine, Red Orbit, Machines Like Us, Before It’s News, Motherboard, Free Republic, Bright Surf, OpliScienceNewsline, HPC Wire, Le Scienze, Yun Ju Network, One News Page, Nanotechnology Now, eWallstreeter, Gizmag, Win.MS, AZO Optics, IFL Science, Hexus, Science Blog, Crazy Engineers, Nanowerk, NV-Online.infKUTV, Controlled Environments Magazine, Network World, InfoWorld, Computerworld Australia, ARN, TechWorld, CIO, IT News, PC Advisor, Next Big Future, Datacentere Management, SolidState Technology, Scientific Computing, Knoxville Times, Computerworld India, CIO India, MIS Asia, CIO Asia, Computerworld Singapore, Science Times, iConnectOO7, TechCentraleScience!, Energy and Technology Magazine, R&D), Computing at the speed of light: Team takes big step toward much faster computers, Mathrubhumi, Malayala Manorama, Illuminated Minds.

It was also reported in the local public radio station, KUER. The local TV station, KSL also ran the story.

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