Summer research opportunities in the Menon lab

 The Menon laboratory will have several positions for undergraduates to perform research during Summer 2014. More than specific skills, we are seeking talented students, who are motivated to learn and contribute to the research in our laboratory. We are especially seeking women and other under-represented minority students to join our laboratory. A brief listing of useful skills and experience is given below. Pay will be $15/hour for a full-time position. Feel free to contact Prof. Menon at for more information.

Project 1: Numerical modeling of nano patterning: Matlab, programming, analytical skills, processing of data to compare simulations to experiments.

Project 2: Video-game for demonstrating principles of nanotechnology: Experience with video-game development and software engineering.

Project 3:  Control system for a super-resolution microscope: Experience with labview to write control software for a novel super-resolution microscope being built with Prof. Erik Jorgensen’s laboratory in the Dept. of Biology. The software will control stages, scan mirrors, shutters, cameras, etc. Some image processing experience will be advantageous.

Project 4: Wireless electronics for an optogenetic probe: Experience with wireless electronics chips (off-the-shelf) to transmit data between a computer and an optogenetic probe. This project is in collaboration with Prof. Mario Capecchi (Dept. of Human Genetics).

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